High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower

High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower
High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower

High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower

MAXIMIZE CROP YIELD & ENERGY SAVING. Newest SMD LED technology Sunlight Spectrum, uses Samsung 561C, as known the best led in the world +ETL listed certified, actual power 800w, provides PPF output.

Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light. This full spectrum LED Grow Light uses 2700pcs upgrade SMD lamp beads (3000K, 6000K and 660nm). Adequate and sun-like light can prevent the growth of plants from spindly and moulding, added 660nm LED, good for all growth stage, especially for flower stage. The best lighting solution for indoor hydroponics and soil cultivation, such as potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Suit for all plants whole stages indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to veg to flower to harvest. High-performance gardens with new LED technology provide highest PAR/LUMEN output1950µmol/m². S, Max 2.7g yield per wattage (power draw), achieve maximum quality and quantity. Helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants. Rapidly improve the health of plant and growing.

Energy saving, low heat and low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. These light-bars grow fixture can be used for both hydroponics and indoor plants in soil, such as orchid, papers potatoes, lettuce, chili, tomatoes, aquarium plants like algae that in greenhouse, garden, vertical farm, grow tent or grow room. Even hotel, restaurant, office Dommia grow light can be installed wherever there are plants? The most advanced design to effectively expand the light area. At the same time, the illumination is more uniform.

This grow lamp is equipped with optical lenses on the LED beads, which makes the effective PPFD of our plant light improved, and it can also make the light more concentrated. Noise-free Fanless Led Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants.

No Fans, no Noise, large areas of solid aluminium heat sink, special protective covers for cables, waterproof LED board, high safety performance with SAFETY Driver. 50% longer lifespan compare with other brand lights. Allowing you to grow with confidence. Muti-Dimmable Methods & Daisy Chain? Phlizon commercial grow light has a 5-level dimming knob on its driver, it can also dimming precisely by an external dimming knob, which makes it adaptable to different growing periods for your plant.

The daisy-chain function allows you to connect up to 15 LED plant lamps through the RJ14 port, or control over 100 lights by purchasing an external 0-10V controller, especially beneficial for large area of indoor growing and commercial planting. We will help you with great pleasure! Phlizon provides you with the premium hydroponics equipment and services. It is our commitment to be the best indoor gardening and hydroponic store that you can trust.

Get the Best Results with Phlizon LED Grow Light. LED grow lights are a relatively new type of grow light which produce better quality buds and bigger yields, while using less electricity and producing less heat than traditional grow lights. LED yields are improving every year and there are now many reliable models of Phlizon LEDs that have been proven for growing high yields indoors by various growers in the industry. Unlike a lot of other brands, Phlizon LED grow lights have both a heatsink and built-in fans to help keep grow lights cool. Package include:1x LED grow light; 2x hangers, 1 power cord. Bar Series LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg Flowers.

32.4b(15.5 kg). 39.439.44.3'' (10201000110mm). Up to 2.7 µmol/J. The secret to Phlizon's success is optimal full spectrum lighting which provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight, turn your seeds into your own supply, produce beautiful high yielding plants. And make indoor planting become more easier and more convenient.

This results in bigger buds and higher yield all while saving you on energy costs. You will get 30% higher yield compare old purple led lights, to help you achieve maximum quality and quantity, which is much better than traditional grow systems.

Innovative fanless design, Large area of solid aluminium heat sink are excellent for heat dissipation. No need to worry about heat dissipation. Liberates you and your plants from noise whether in sleep or activity time. Helps your plants become healthy and thrived in such a quiet environment and you can enjoy the bumper harvest.

Dimmable Function & More Flexible. Dimmable function allows precise spectral control and suitable for each growing phase. The dimmer knob to change the brightness level of the whole light from 20-100% needed to obtain perfect growth performance. Dimmable knob is more flexible than switch. Especially for new growers who have no much planting experience. Superior Spectrum & High PAR Output. Full spectrum designed, consists of 660nm of red light, 3000K and 6000K of the white light spectrum. Which provide everything plants desired in the natural sunlight, turn your seeds into your own supply, produce beautiful high yielding plants. Water Resistant & Solid Construction. The FD series grow lights are coated evenly. Solid glue process on each chips can avoid moisture effectively and increase the life of the board. Suitable for kinds of indoor using environment. The lights are made of good structure and reliable quality materials. It's the best choice for indoor growers. Why Choose Led Grow Light?

After application testing, LED plant lights are very suitable for plant growth, flowering, and fruiting. As an artificial supplemental light, led plant lamp's light can be enhanced anytime in a whole day, what effectively extend the lighting time by plants. Whether it is sunny, cloudy or rainy, led plant lamp can reasonably and effectively extend and scientifically control the light needed for plants.

In the greenhouse or plant laboratory, plant grow light can completely replace natural light, to ensure plant healthy growth and promote faster and better growth. Compare with HPS/MH/HID/CFL lamp, LED growing light can improve plant efficiency and save electricity!

Why choose Phlizon Foldable Grow Light Bar? Fully assembled, industrial grade construction and durability, covering full PAR (380-730nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Bloomming.

Optimized spectrum for all phases of plant growth and production. High performance aluminum alloy light bar, Fast heat dissipation, Uniform illumination, life span up to 50000 hours.

Scientifically engineered spectrum to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield. >40% less energy consumed and heat generated to produce an equivalent amount of delivered PAR than 1000W HPS.

Superior delivered PAR output and PAR photon efficacy than 1000W HPS. Passive cooling design eliminates inferior features such as fans, moving parts, and noise. 10 years experienced R&D team, rich experience in OEM/ODM.

Truly Full SpectrumSuitable for all Grow Stages from Seeds to Harvest1w>2.7grams(Max). Sustainable and environmentally friendly mercury-free lighting source compared to traditional technologies (HID and fluorescent) requiring hazardous waste disposal. Adjustable LED panels allowing for more focused or more diffuse lighting distribution over the plant canopy. Home grows (rooms and tents). Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems.

Vertical Farming LED Grow Lighting. Full spectrum bright white light which is more sun-like than even the traditional HPS, perfectly works for succulent plants. Super bright plant light is suitable for soilless cultivation, which greatly increases the yield. Perfectly for Blooming and Fruiting.

Our Led Grow Light emits more red light, very suitable for blooming and fruiting, rapid plant response from seed to flower and increase yield & crop quality. Grow Light, 30W LED Grow Lamp Bulbs Plant Lights Full Spectrum. Upgraded 3 Heads Plant Grow Lights : upgraded plant light with 3 goosenecks and 60 bulbs solves the trouble of setup and inflexibility of traditional hanging grow light and provides a much wider coverage area than clip grow light with two or three arms. The coverage area with one head is roughly 24-27 inches depending on the height you have the head aimed. 3 Lighting Modes With 5 Dimmable Levels: Based on the type and output of light (PAR) needed to support photosynthesis, this LED Grow Lights with 3 lighting modes(Red Light, Blue Light, Red & Blue Mixed Light) and 9 dimmable modes from 20% to 100%, which effectively supplemented the lack of natural sunlight and promoted the growth of plants at all stages. 3 Timing Modes & Auto On/Off : iMounTEK grow light with the circular-memory time function allows you to select 3 lighting times (3H / 6H / 12H) for your systems and it will automatically turn on/off every day according to your settings, which requires no manual operation and takes good care of your plants when you are on work or a vacation. 360 Degrees Adjustable Goose Necks : Powered by USB or AC Power Plug(USB included), it's portable and convenient to use at home or in the office.

The goose necks can be rotated 360 degrees so you can easily control the angle and the distance between the lamp and plants. Powerful Clip : The clip is strong enough to attach into up to a 2.5 inches thickness edge, easily clip it on the shelf, window sill and table etc. It's made of high quality materials and springs.

The non-slip mat on the clip also provides a very strong grip to keep it stay in place. Red : Blue: 39pcs 660nm and 21pcs 460nm.

Dimming Mode: 0%-100% Stepless Adjusted. Number of lamp holder: 3pcs. Suitable for desk thickness: less than 2.5 inch.

1xTriple Head LED Grow Light 30W. The blue LED chips ensure plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination. The red LED chips contributes to effective germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better results. Three light modes to provide sufficient daylight substitutes for your indoor grow light. It has a USB connector and durable adapter which has FCC, CE and ROHS listed.

This makes our LED grow Lamp more durable and safe than others. The LED Bulbs made of aviation aluminum heat conductive material greatly extended the longevity more than 50,000 hours and provides steady current without flickering, melting or burning. FOR balconies, greenhouses, darkroom, office and so on. Widely apply to the culture solution, gardening, family balcony seeding / seedling / breeding, Flower Show, potted plants.

Especially when the plant needs extra light when raining, snowing, dark indoor, etc. Are you still bothered plants lacking of sunlight for bad weather? We know that adequat sunlight is important for plants growth in different stages. Plant will turn unhealthy if lack sunlight at any stage of its growth. We are espeacially bothered for bad weather lasting long like storm rain, cloudy days and winter snowy days. Perfect solution for lacking of sunlight. Considering the importance of natural sunlight to plants, our company designed this led grow lights for indoor plants. You will never worry about the bad influence caused by bad weather conditions. Our 3 head grow light gets 3 different lighting modes: red/blue/mixed which could meet plants demand in different growth stages. And it do take dramatically effect in plants growth like natrural sunlight after our using tests. The red light promotes photosynthesis, which helps plants germinate, bloom and bear fruit. The blue light can inhibit the growth rate of roots and stems of plants, delay the aging process of plants, and make plants more bright-colored.

The red & blue light can promote healthy growth of your plant, which can supplement more effective light to solve the problems of small roots and yellow leaves. Best color light combination to support photosynthesis of different plants in all growth stages. Humanization design of lighting modes. Based on different plants lighting needs, you could choose open 1 or 2 tubes accordingly. 5 dimmable modes and 3 spectrum modes to suit varied stages of plant growth from seeding to fruits.

It adjusts to levels of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% light intensity to meet different types of plants. Our Durable and strong gooseneck is 360 degree rotatable, which is able to confirm the height between plants and light flexiblly, suiting for office and indoor.

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High power 640w Grow light IR UV Board Daisy Chain Indoor plants growing Flower